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We create a considerate and welcoming space for patients and their loved ones to continue to nourish and cherish their personal relationships. This provides the gentle piece of mind that every patient receives the best care possible. It is through our compassionate relationships that we are able to provide a supportive environment for everyone.
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Choosing Calstro Hospice is the first step in ensuring that your loved ones are going to receive the best hospice care possible. With Calstro, you receive continuity and customer service in abundance, ensuring that every outcome is directed towards a positive and pleasant experience. Let us help you on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

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Why Choose Calstro?

We provide quality end-of-life care services to patients with life-limiting illnesses. Choosing Calstro means that you are choosing an organization that is owned by nurses, with a distinct focus on patient care and support.

Calstro Hospice is Southern California’s premier nursing-owned hospice, dedicated to remaining community-based and growing responsibly. Our staff are carefully screened, well-trained, compassionate people who provide 24-hour care for patients at home or in one of our service areas.

After meeting with one of our care specialists to determine your individual prognosis, we will work closely with you and your family to help on this difficult journey

Our Clients Say it Best...

The amazing things that our clients say about the quality of life their loved ones experienced while in our care is why we exist. We strive for excellence by constantly learning more from each unique individual we support on this journey together; it is an honor we take very seriously as caregivers at Calstro Hospice

Mary Oo

Wow I don’t know were to begin Calstro is the best of the best!!! Not only do the nurses truly care they go out of their way to make everyone feel like family. Everyone you come across who works for Calstro will always greet you with a smile and try their best to provide the best care for your loved one. Would recommend to anyone!!!

Andy Randazzo

I just wanted to thank Calstro Hospice who helped us through a very difficult time for our family especially Delia and Olga and Martha. The service level and caring attitudes everyone provided was exceptional.

Haylee Vasquez

Calstro Hospice is an absolutely amazing company that is very professional and organized but also caring and compassionate. I would recommend them to anyone / any family who is looking for hospice care. You will not be disappointed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will hospice discontinue my medications?

Hospice does not automatically discontinue you or your loved ones’ medications. The goal is to embrace where each individual is at in this journey, and design a specific plan of care to meet the needs of our patients and families.

Can I still see my Primary Care Provider?

Your Primary Care Provider can remain as attending Physician while on hospice services—if the patient and Physician are agreeable. Our care team collaborates closely with the elected attending Physician to provide regular updates and ongoing changes to the plan of care to cultivate continuity of care.

How do I pay for hospice?

Our team can run eligibility to determine whether or not insurance coverage is in place for hospice services. In many cases, hospice is covered by Medicare, but other health plans may have provisions for it. Call our team at 909-399-0700 and we can work with you on eligibility and coverage.

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